Courier & Cargo Services

We Manage Local to Global shipping for Enterprises, Whether you're an entrepreneur or enterprise, we will help you create efficiencies, centralize control, cut costs, and increase productivity. And with more flexibility and better insight, you'll have peace of mind that you're shipping the best way for your business.

Reverse Logistics

When managing the flow of surplus, defective or unused materials, products, or equipment, trust Xfas’s reverse logistics services. Customer satisfaction is our top priority at Xfas, and that’s reflected in everything we do. Our reverse logistics solutions streamline returns and efficiently decrease asset recovery time, meaning less cost and more satisfaction for your business. Maximum asset retrieval, reduced expenses and precise tracking measures allow our reverse logistics services to optimize your supply chain. When creating a reverse logistics operation with Xfas Logistics, you know that you’re trusting the right warehousing and distribution team to navigate the complex and sensitive process of handling returns.


As one of the Ecommerce logistic solution provider in India, we’re passionate about adding value to your supply chain. By focusing on innovation, Xfas has launched advanced, scalable, and specialized logistics solutions to manage the key feature of your e-commerce supply chain. From receiving high volumes of delivery to arranging parcel delivery for small orders, our Omni-channel Ecommerce logistic solution covers all aspects of e-commerce services.


When you trust a company with warehousing and distributing your goods, you need to know where your products are at all times, and you need to know if they’re in the right hands. With Xfas, you have full access to all activities happening in our facility. From real time receiving information to outbound order fulfillment details, you can monitor where your products are at in each step of the process. Xfas can quickly and easily create customized labels, documentation and specific activity reports, saving you valuable time to focus on everything else.

Contract Logistics

We have Expertise and infrastructure to optimize your supply chain, from global delivery to warehousing and returns management. We can build your operation from scratch or optimize existing processes across retail, mail order, e-commerce and priority services. Manufacturing production and assembly support. Our experts create can evaluate your supply chain processes, assets and costs to determine an end- to-end solution that meets your objectives.

Lead Logistics

X-Fas Lead Logistics products means instigating and managing change across your entire supply chain, to meet changing business and customer demands. We do this by bringing continuous improvement and cost reduction, introducing lean logistics processes and optimizing logistics networks.

Key Benefits:

  • Your operating costs are reduced, in distribution, transport, procurement and staffing
  • Your working capital is lowered, because your inventory is reduced and your order cycles are shortened
  • Your fixed capital is reduced, as your network becomes more flexible and you enjoy higher asset utilization
  • This means enhanced product quality, availability and customer service performance, plus reduced capital investment, increased profitability and greater shareholder value

Special Products

As businesses become increasingly complex, you need a supply chain partner who can meet the individual needs of your business. No matter your industry, X-Fas offers a specific portfolio of customized solutions that meet your specific requirements.  Certain projects entail challenges that call for a very specific set of skills. From heavy transports, business relocations and large-scale events: With our long-lasting experience in realizing even the most exotic endeavors, we are your reliable full-service partner for special requirements. Our global network of experts, infrastructure, special equipment, local contacts and sophisticated IT solutions allows us to react swiftly and appropriately to the conditions on site. So for any of our individual and customized solutions, we can guarantee outstanding collaboration between all participants as well as high-precision workflows and efficient organization.